Johanna Ginstmark


Are you building walls or pathways?

Are you fighting to stay strong, or are you accepting what’s going on? Are you finding your way, or are you running away? Have you armed your forces to keep yourself safe? ‘Cause it takes energy to fight, but not to let go. How come you are building a wall to defend yourself against others, […]


Spiritual heavy lifting

Some periods of life are not easy. They call for deep inner work and emotional heavy lifting. This might mean you have to accept what feels unacceptable, or forgive what feels like the unforgivable. It might mean taking a painful look at yourself, or being open to change in areas where you can’t imagine yourself […]


That whispering heart of yours

We are searching for what’s perfect. We want to be the perfect partner, parent, citizen, friend, and we want the perfect career and the perfect life – but what’s left of you at the end of the day? We push ourselves to fit the mould of what life should be. What we think other people […]


Negative feelings, thoughts and patterns – start with yourself!

You know that feeling when you look at someone else’s success and you feel a sting of hurt or slight bitterness. Or you might judge someone for their choices. whenever we focus on what others do or don’t do in a negative way it stifles us, brings out the worst, and most all it is energy […]


Knowing your path

The summer of 2014 my professional life came to a halt. I had relied on two streams of income, and all of a sudden everyone was saying ‘no’ to me. It wasn’t personal, the companies and the organisations I had worked for, had for completely different reasons (and situations), come to the conclusion that they needed […]


Growing into balance

It’s fascinating this thing called growth, and this journey of ours into exploring the human heart and soul. I’m in a creative process of developing new exciting things for my business, and I feel a strong shift in how I go about things. Previously I’ve been very logical about things, and since I’m a very […]


An exercise in taking charge

I had a workshop last week with a group of writing students on ‘how to take charge of your (life &) career’. The most important point I stress in the workshop is to take full responsibility for your own life, and not to give away your power to anyone else. It has been one of the […]

Growing pains

The normal human pattern of growth is a big leap forward where you stretch  and expand far beyond your comfort zone, then another action is sparked – it’s a  pull back to safer grounds. That’s when most people quit their newly tried on routine. They say “It was just not for me”. What in fact happened […]


Switch belief

I had looked forward to a week of starting to write the rest of my novel. I have earlier written the first third of it, but since it’s my first piece of literature it took me a while to figure out my voice, the tone, and how the story would play out in this new […]

Reflections – knowing your true north

Since the beginning of this year I’m doing a workshop called ’Take charge of your career”. I’ve been zooming in on freelancers and students of the film industry as a start, but it works just as well for freelancers in any field. The workshop is based on my own shift, from feeling that my career […]