About the project

The Project

What is this? Well, Mhairi had heard about a man who filled a jar with beads. Each bead represented a day of his presumed life, and every day he took one bead out of a jar and put it in another. Over time he saw the content rise in one jar, only to shrink in the other. Mhairi was fascinated by the idea of being more aware of how one spends one’s days, and when she told Johanna over dinner, they soon found themselves committing to start the project.

So now we have bought beads for a lifetime. One bead for every day we potentially can be alive. Our first intention was to go about the project just like the man Mhairi heard of. He had calculated his dying day by using the life expectancy average, but when Mhairi one day posed the important aspect of the power of intention – that there could be a risk of setting out to live to just be 82/84 years old, we soon changed our minds. So now we intend to live until we are a hundred! Every Sunday we will post a blogpost each, and in between blogging you can find us on Twitter and Instagram.

But why? Because, this is a project for life, for making every day matter. It’s a tool for us to keep ourselves on track with our dreams, desires and goals. It’s our little movement towards living our big lives to the fullest.

And on D-day, August 1st 2014, we started beading.

About us

Mhairi Morrison is an actress, mime and creator of the show Feathers and Toast. Mhairi is based in Los Angeles, California. Visit www.feathersandtoast.com and www.mhairimorrison.com

Johanna Ginstmark is a freelance writer, and a script consultant working in the film and television industry. Johanna is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Visit www.johannaginstmark.com