2015 March

Letting go of expectation

The image of the lion in The Lion King standing tall on a ledge came to me when I was hiking looking for an answer to a pressing issue this past week. I suddenly realized that to be strong is daring to be vulnerable. To open your heart and stand there. Letting go of the […]


Life is never a set of ultimate moments that pass effortlessly in the perfect order. In everyday life there is stress, inconveniences, and seriously a set of bumps in the road. We have work overload, families and friends we want to give our attention to, and all the other bricks that build our lives. In […]

Pushed to the edge of Grace

This week I severely put to test my ability to be gracious and in fact probably failed in my attempt. I answered the phone to a number I didn’t know for sure but who I had a seriously strong inclination was a sales call. It turned out to be a very chirpy voice banging on […]

On the other side of letting go

I was one of those soul-searching teenagers who at age fifteen read The Tibetan Book of the Dead and philosophers like Plato, Kierkegaard and Sartre. It’s not that strange that I at age thirty plus am doing The Bead Movement. I can’t help but ponder life, and I can’t help but reach for the dream. […]

Still Letting Go

Letting go of clouding today with what may have happened yesterday. For me its been a challenge recently to see whatever is in front of me as a new page, a clean day. Often times experiences of the past can shroud the newness and I want to see every day as its own mini short […]

Ride the wave

Isn’t it amazing how we try and control every bit of our lives? We micromanage and get so overly frustrated when things don’t go our way. As a result of The Bead Movement I’ve started to more actively work on letting go of things in order to live a more, from my perspective, fulfilled and […]

Let Go

The March Challenge is letting go which is one of those things that sounds a lot simpler than it actually is. I have such a hard time letting go that when I ran a relay race as a teenager I ran right off the track with the baton. So there we go. My challenge right […]

Time of March

To spend time contemplating what a word means and how it translates into actions, thoughts and meaning in my daily life proved to be a profound experience. The love challenge made us ponder Love in all kinds of ways. The word was present in my mind every single day for a month. It sparked our […]

The love challenge

This past month our Love Challenge has made one thing clear to me. Love is PRESENCE. No matter if I pondered self love, love for family and friends or love for strangers – what it all boiled down to was the power of being there for myself and others in the present moment. To SEE […]

Be careful of your words

This week we’re contemplating what the love challenge has brought to us. For me to consider the depth of a word has been eye opening. Words can sometimes be used flippantly and without considering what it actually means. How would I  define love? How does it look to use the word in all my relationships, […]