2015 June

Grace IV

This week’s thought, and the last one on this theme of ’grace’, is tremendously simple. I feel incredibly graced with wonderful people in my life. Yogi Bhajan said that people come into our lives as lessons. Every interaction is here to teach us something, and ever since I took on that point of view, my […]

Grace III

Grace isn’t just the light in one’s soul or a way of being kind and good towards others. Grace also implies standing up for oneself. It’s also someone who has a great posture. I met a person this week who made me feel small. It doesn’t happen to me that often anymore, but when it […]

Testing Grace

Its easy to be nice to people who are nice to you basically and the same turns out to be true of a multitude of other things, like kindness, compassion and grace. I guess thats the measure of ones real ability to be gracious, if you can extend that to someone tricky. Grace periods can’t […]

Grace II

There is something about the word grace that implies giving and sharing. Not only ’to grace with someone’s presence’, but in a wider sense like sharing and giving wholeheartedly to others. Most of all, to ’live with grace’ somehow speaks of sharing and a giving without a need to get anything back. I had a […]

Grace Period

I keep thinking about the concept of a grace period, which some companies and things offer you and what is meant by that. Giving someone a wide berth. When I was working on a headstand the other day, my teacher mentioned not gripping the fingers so tightly together when creating the ‘basket’ in which the […]

Grace I

Last summer when we started The bead movement we wrote down words we wanted to guide us through our lives. Both me and Mhairi put the word Grace on our lists, but what does ’Grace’ actually mean? We have chosen Grace to be the theme of June, and during this month I want to investigate, […]


This month our theme is Grace. We’ve often talked about having grace as our theme but the exact definition of the word always alluded us and we were never quite sure exactly how it would play out. Even though the word grace is in my jar of 19,000 beads, indicating that its a quality/something I […]