2015 January

The spirit of Christmas

So it was the week of Christmas, and I had packed 9 beads in a tiny marmalade glass jar and a suitcase full of Christmas gifts and clothes. I took the train down south ready to spend the holiday with family. It was supposed to be two days of writing, then 7 days of time […]


For the first christmas home in 5 years, the first one all together as a family for 7 and the first one ever on earth with my 3 month old niece. It was a momentous holiday. Sometimes I think of things in color or in terms of a phrase, word or single sentiment. Honestly for […]


Years ago when one would make a real journey across the Atlantic from the Americas to Europe, one imagines that while staring out at the icebergs en route that one would have time to digest the magnitude of the distance. Thoughts on what is being left and time to mentally prepare for what will be […]

In power

I heard Suze Orman say, “You’ll never be powerful in life until you’re powerful over your own money.” This has nothing to do about being wealthy or about having power over others, it has to do about feeling powerful in your own life. And it kinda makes sense. As a freelance writer I don’t have […]

Letting go

This week I was feeling a bit adrift and not very grounded. For some time, as you may know, I have been busy trying to take leaps of faith and trusting the process and what not, and here I was now with a deep sense that I needed to let go of things in order to […]

Escapeas and all sorts

Being a mime I tend to think I have a good ability to master my own physical self. So spilling half a packet of frozen organic peas all over the floor was a little bit of a surprise to me to be honest. Not that I am above spillages and things but they are not […]


I was returning a library book, an activity that always makes me feel like Miss Marple and a general upstanding citizen, when all of a sudden disaster struck. Driving, and using headphones to avoid breaking the law and things, I called my grandmother. Suddenly, just as my grandmother was explaining in detail a recipe for […]

Trust the Process

I have just started to work on a project that pushes me way out of my comfort zone. It pulls the fear of failure to the surface, at times it makes me doubt my talent and leaves me with sweaty hands and a trembling heart. I have more than once got a slight anxiety attack […]