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Someone wise once said that when he is hard pressed for time he spends twice as long meditating. That is good advice and a point worth remembering as I literally run from one thing to the next. I was up at 6am last Saturday after having worked until 10.15pm recording an audio book, which I […]

Happy Easter

Someone asked the question the other day “And what if it was easy?” on the same day a good friend of mine called me to ask a question about how much she should charge for a voice over job. When I told her what I thought she panicked thinking it was too much to ask. […]


Last night I had dinner with a friend who told me about Steven Speilberg saying that your life purpose is often actually found through a whisper rather than a loud voice telling you where you should be going. That things are more gradual. I love that idea as where I am right now isn’ necessarily […]

Fog Continued

So the fog continued which was an amazing reminder to continue to work with faith this week. A mere couple hours after writing my bead movement post last week a few things threatened my peace and I had to hold onto the image I held in my memory of fog on the beach. Its been […]


This morning I went to Seal Beach sort of early, around 9.30am…the sun was up but the whole ocean was shrouded in thick fog. I walked along the beach and saw surfers bobbing in the shallow water by the sand they looked like they were in the middle of a different world. All around them […]


Listening. Yesterday spoke to Johanna in Sweden, Robert in London and dropped off hats with Shurie in The Valley and all three at various points in our conversations encouraged me. From Sweden, London and The Valley, words unprovoked¬†lifted me and lit my way of continuing. Sometimes you don’t know you need encouragement until you get […]


I watched an incredible documentary this week about intuition which stated that 95% of your brain was subconscious and so only 5% was actually rational/ conscious mind. Amazing as we in the West tend to value above all else the rational logical aspects of life and way of seeing the world, thereby forgetting or simply […]


Here for me right now is not a comfortable place to be. Things are a little sobering and I don’t feel good in my own skin. I’ve been trying to shake this off, to pull myself back together again but so far have managed one small step forward and several large ones back. It’s hard […]

Being here

I’m in a crossroads in my life where basically I just have to be OK in the unknown for a moment and wait and see what life presents itself. In yoga theres a pose that is often taught towards the end of class which in essence one would assume to be an ‘easy’ pose compared […]


Our theme this month is acceptance. Sometimes it can be a tricky thing to embrace and accept where you are. I had a yoga class recently when the teacher talked about most of us pushing our heads forward and leaning forwards as if we are pushing into something else, as if we need to make […]