2016 June

Return IV

I bought a new book the other week, it’s called ’Do one thing every day that scares you – a journal’. Every day for 365 days you get a little note, quote and an exercise on how to meet your fears on a daily basis. I fell in love with the book the day I […]


My producing partner Holly had told me a couple of years ago about a rockstar who had said that now looking back on his life he could see that every single thing happened at the right moment, the right time, even though at the time it didn’t feel like it. I’ve loved thinking about that […]

Still returning

Last night I lay on the couch and read a book. This is highly unusual for me as normally the only reading I get done is in the bath or in bed before I fall asleep which means it can take me months to finish a book as often I wake up with the bedside […]

Return III – Authority

On Tuesday evening I had the last lecture of my 5-day intensive class ’How to write tv series’ at a studio here in Stockholm. For the last session I bring in a guest teacher, and on Tuesday I had the great opportunity to have a talk with LA writer and director Bob Dolman who is […]

Return II presence

Much like Mhairi who spends June collecting inspiration which in July will turn into a new plan, do I have a longing to do the same. This spring has been absolutely great, and I have been jumping from one thing to another; often I have been doing several things at the same time. I love it, […]

Going in

On Sunday a producer of a movie I had done years ago in Europe came to LA for a week of meetings. Amazing to reconnect after not having seen her for 5 or so years. Talking about Paris and the working situation in France and then spending an evening with a director she’s working with […]

Return I

This Monday I returned to Stockholm after having spent a month in the south of Sweden. Most of May was spent in solitude, and as I now came back to the bustling city from the stillness of the countryside; the difference between the two became a clash. The city is filled with impressions begging for your […]

The Return

So we have both literally returned from time at home in May and my personal mission in June is to return to my core beliefs to my imagination, to my dreams and aspirations for myself and my life. With holding the managing and planning part of my mind at bay until July I want to […]