2014 November

Mhairi’s week 13

The one thing you can rely on is that change is inevitable. It seems that this is the one constant in life that is really tricky to get used to, to be honest. Just when something can feel solid, something shifts. For me I think the key is to be strong in my center and […]

Johanna’s Week 13

Strong – Health Scare Part 1 (I got the results, 100% healthy) The word ‘Strong’ came up with one of the beads Tuesday morning, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I don’t know when, but at least a few months ago, I discovered a lump in my throat. It’s not visible, but obvious when […]

Mhairi’s week 12

Recently when I was on a hike up a canyon I watched a hawk circulate. Being a mime and having studied the nuance of animal movements in Paris I began to imitate the birds flight. The first thing I noticed was its incredibly focus; a tiny shift of a wing determines the direction and the […]

Johanna’s Week 12

Home Every time I go home to my mother’s place in the South, something within me calms down. It’s in the heart of my soul. It’s something in the earth, the wind, and the water. It makes me go quiet, it stops me. It puts me on mute, and it makes me listen to that […]

Mhairi’s Week 11

Someone once said to me “be careful that you don’t become so addicted to the struggle that you can never let it go”. The whole concept of the struggling artist doesn’t do anything to alleviate this feeling; its almost as though its expected. Which is crazy as there are a lot of successful artists who […]

Johanna’s Week 11

FAITH For the past five or so years, since I started to make a living as a writer, I have lived a life as if I was blindfolded; not knowing at all what the future has in store for me. As a writer I put words together in sentences, creating stories from a blank sheet […]

Mhairi’s Week Ten

Let it come to you. Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkje4FiH9Qc Sometimes I find it hard to realize that I don’t need to keep pushing something in order for it to happen anyway. Not sure if that’s from a place of insecurity or lack of trust in life that the road will come upto meet me. But the bottom […]

Johanna’s Week Ten

Interdependence Somehow, somewhere along the industrialization of our world we took on a rather self-absorbed and entitled behavior. We tend to live our lives contained in this way of believing that we have a right to whatever could, would, might or definitely should come to us. We victimize ourselves and blame others, our situation, our […]

Mhairi’s Week Nine

I spent this week in Wisconsin and was submerged in all manner of extended family life. Hearing a multitude of family stories drew me into thinking about the ramifications of certain decisions we make today having hugely lasting consequences for generations to come. How do we know that we are making the right decisions? If […]

Johanna’s Week Nine

How we be I had lunch with a few colleagues earlier this week and The Bead Movement came up in the discussion. It’s amazing how these beads has changed my interactions with others. Nowadays it becomes more and more normal for me to discuss existential life questions over a salad or in the rush of […]