2015 April

Beginner’s Mind

A beginners mind in yoga is something we talk a lot about which basically means being present with where you are today and letting go of any expectations of where you should be based on where you were yesterday. Maybe yesterday you could do a headstand but maybe today you shouldn’t attempt it. Its being cognizant […]


I had a bit of an aha-moment on the matter of Timing after a business meeting recently. I met with a person who I had approached quite a long time ago, but due to massive work loads we couldn’t schedule a meeting until now. The meeting was a result of me branching out to more […]


This past week I had the good fortune to babysit my close friends 12 year old daughter for 24 hours. We ate take out and watched The Karate Kid-survived an earthquake which happened during our dinner-and went on a photograph taking adventure around Beverly Hills. The experience of seeing the world through a child’s eyes […]

No more playing small

I started off this week with a 2-day seminar out of town with the Entrepreneurship program Filmregion Stockholm Mälardalen runs. It was two intensive and invaluable days with a market strategist who opened my eyes to see my career from a new perspective. I became aware of limiting beliefs and how I, in some ways, […]

Did it

Somehow, despite never having rehearsed the whole show and never having done it before with lights and costumes, We Did It. There really is something to that saying of don’t overthink it simply do it, that when the chips are down one really does have two choices, either sinking or swimming and despite not being […]

Childhood bliss

I was home at my mother’s for a week over easter and found some old photos a great photographer and friend of my grandparents took. My mother said he loved taking pictures of me, and when I look at the pics I can see why. I was so alive and expressive, not hiding a single […]

The do’s of April

I highly recommend to spend at least one day of your hopefully amazing and long life with an alarm ringing every 10 minutes reminding you to take note of the things you say, think, dream or want to do, but that you at the moment put off for later. No matter how big or small, […]

Just do it

This month our theme is DO which is easier said than done. Sometimes the little words can trip one up the most I find. Not over thinking or qualifying something just being confident that it is the right thing and doing it. I am feeling my fear and doing it anyway this week as I […]