2016 September


This week was one of those neon infused weeks which occasionally come at you thick and fast which also brought with it the true test of what I have been grappling with all year; surrender and letting go. Thanks to the enormous generosity of my wonderful family and friends who have pooled together to give […]


I’m working my way through an incredibly illuminating book by Danielle La Porte, The Desire Map and have arrived at the bit when I have to choose my core desired feelings. These feelings are the result of honing down, in the main 5 areas of your life, the feelings you wish to feel. The absolute […]

Growing pains

The normal human pattern of growth is a big leap forward where you stretch  and expand far beyond your comfort zone, then another action is sparked – it’s a  pull back to safer grounds. That’s when most people quit their newly tried on routine. They say “It was just not for me”. What in fact happened […]

Breaking habits

I’ve been in Los Angeles a little over a week, and it’s been all about breaking habits. First, I’m not in my normal surrounding which brings a sense of being a fish out of the water. I love getting that experience, because it makes me grateful for the amazing things I have in my life back home […]

The Bigger Picture

This week I have struggled with focusing on the bigger picture. Things have hit fast and furious and reactions and emotions have been high. Just last night I was reminded of something my brother Robbie had told me, that one should imagine circles going out from the heart. The closest circles to your heart are […]

Breaking Habits

I’m teaching a 6 week movement class at the moment and in preparation for each class am reading massive amounts on movement and all sorts. I was reading about how challenging it can be for a student to start moving in a different way than they are used to; especially when in my case, some […]

Switch belief

I had looked forward to a week of starting to write the rest of my novel. I have earlier written the first third of it, but since it’s my first piece of literature it took me a while to figure out my voice, the tone, and how the story would play out in this new […]