2016 April

The point of Putting Yourself Out There

Can I really do this? Will I fail? Am I good enough? What will other people think? Will I add value? Will I really make a difference? What if I’m delusional? Who do I think I am? That was some of the thoughts that ran through my head this Tuesday. I’ve been a lecturer in […]


Getting very much into listening and being on hyper alert for signs. Last night was reading again The Alchemist. Such a serious treasure of an amazing book. In the book the shepherd at one point has a moment of self doubt in which he is about to go back to the life he once had. […]


Here for me right now is not a comfortable place to be. Things are a little sobering and I don’t feel good in my own skin. I’ve been trying to shake this off, to pull myself back together again but so far have managed one small step forward and several large ones back. It’s hard […]

The Point of Sharing

A couple of years ago a writer asked me if I didn’t feel threatened by teaching students in how to write for film and television. She said, she taught to make a living, but she didn’t feel okay with creating competitors to herself. I told her, what I truly believe, that I’m teaching my future […]

The point of taking a stand

I’m a recovering People Pleaser. My basic instinct is to help people, and I tend to go out of my way to make everyone happy – be it work or my professional life. Last year, right about this time, as an exercise from my coach I requested feedback from a few business partners and colleagues. […]

Being here

I’m in a crossroads in my life where basically I just have to be OK in the unknown for a moment and wait and see what life presents itself. In yoga theres a pose that is often taught towards the end of class which in essence one would assume to be an ‘easy’ pose compared […]

The point of being sick

BAM! It hits you. A fever kicks in and all you can do is drink, eat and sleep. On repeat. The stress enters, and you think of all the things you need to do at work; what to write and read, who to call, and where to go. Then boredom comes and says Hello, and you […]


Our theme this month is acceptance. Sometimes it can be a tricky thing to embrace and accept where you are. I had a yoga class recently when the teacher talked about most of us pushing our heads forward and leaning forwards as if we are pushing into something else, as if we need to make […]