2016 November

When times are busy

When all lovely things come to fruition, and when all things seem to call for your attention. All at the same time. These are the times we want to be firm about our decisions. These are the times when we want to be clear about what we want. These are the times we want to know […]


“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement you should give thanks for everything.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. Happy Thanksgiving.


Holly told me a few years ago that she had heard a rockstar being interviewed in his 70s and that he had said that now, looking back on his life, everything happened at just the right moment but that when he was in the thick of it it had been impossible to see that. This […]

Are you building walls or pathways?

Are you fighting to stay strong, or are you accepting what’s going on? Are you finding your way, or are you running away? Have you armed your forces to keep yourself safe? ‘Cause it takes energy to fight, but not to let go. How come you are building a wall to defend yourself against others, […]

Spiritual heavy lifting

Some periods of life are not easy. They call for deep inner work and emotional heavy lifting. This might mean you have to accept what feels unacceptable, or forgive what feels like the unforgivable. It might mean taking a painful look at yourself, or being open to change in areas where you can’t imagine yourself […]


This week has been like a tsunami of vitriol across all social media platforms, the press, private conversations, the street, banners…despite years of working with Johanna on the Bead Movement, on ourselves, on finding a higher truth, a deeper meaning to things, the tumultuousness and such of this week brought me down to chicken level. […]

Dream BIG

A sentence in a book leapt out at me this week about dreams. About keeping a hold of our big giant wild dreams and how as an adult that can be hard to do. As children we do dream big and as we grow for whatever reason we can be beaten down and our grandiose […]

Hell yes or Hell no!

This week one sentence has echoed in my mind. A phrase John Lee Dumas often says on his podcast EO Fire. You either say HELL YES or HELL NO. Because the thing is, if you say yes to something you will have to say no to something else. It’s so useful to ask this whenever […]