2016 February


I sit at a desk which I keep pretty clutter free post a spell of working in an office whose policy it was to have a clean desk at the end of the day. It is helpful to wake up and come to work with a clean slate, a clean desk. On my desk I […]


Cleanse: to make (something or someone) clean Synonyms: purify, purge, sanctify As with anything in life, when we put light on a specific matter or subject it tends to find it’s way into everything we do. Having had the word ‘Cleanse’ on my mind this month has made me aware of how I let things […]

Adjusting sails

Have you ever heard about what happens if you are only 1 degree off course? For every mile you travel you will be 92 feet away from your target. And the thing is, I am not up for being 5000 miles off when I look back at my life (thinking what if I did x, y, […]

Clearing a space

This week has been intense and wonderful and 100 MPH. I read recently that creative people are full on and then they have to lie down quietly. That sums me up to a T. I always thought I was like that because when I was younger I was a sprinter and I thought that that […]

reboot, and start over

When pondering our theme (cleanse) this week, one thing kept coming back to my mind. Two days ago I went off on a rant about something I don’t even at this point remember what it was all about. The subject matter doesn’t matter, but what happened was that I was annoyed and soon my mood […]

Being Still in the unknown

I feel this week I’ve turned a corner within my own mind with regards to fear. Making time in the morning to meditate, do yoga and basically start with a clean, clear slate is really having a profound affect. My mental habits have started to shift, where I would often feel anxious when I thought […]


This is the theme this month. Cleanse. For me that means a myriad of things but how I currently translating this is my need to cleanse my schedule of things that may threaten my goals. One can meander through days and weeks saying yes to things and filling a time table but not actually achieve […]

Clean your mind

So the month of February we are devoted to the theme ’Cleansing’. One might think I’ll spend this post writing about detoxing, juicing, eating kale and what not, but what actually caught my mind this week was a method called GTD, ’Getting Things Done’. The method is created by David Allen and it’s basically a […]