2016 May

Home IV – allowing

Most times it’s not until you have been on a journey, and are on your way home that you find out that you were a little lost when you first embarked on it. This past month I’ve been away from my home in Stockholm to take care of my mother’s rose nursery in the south […]


Am just back in LA and have spent the last few days clearing out a friends house which has been an enormous task. Having cleared out my grandmothers a few months ago I am now reluctantly becoming somewhat of an expert and have consequently developed a distaste for stuff. Clutter and the like. Suddenly thought […]

So I begin

I’ve just arrived back in LA after 3 glorious weeks back at home. I feel as though I was a fledgling plant under serious heat lamps of attention, encouragement, time and love from my family and friends. From Aberdeen to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and London I was smothered in a blanket of love. That sounds […]

Home III – vulnerability

Home is an interesting word. When you look up the noun in a dictionary, the meanings of it are far more stripped of emotions than I would have thought. Home is described as one’s place of residence, a social unit formed by a family living together, a familiar or usual setting, a place of origin, […]

Lily of the Valley

I’m staying at my mother’s home for a month while she’s away on a trip. To say staying here brings up a lot of feelings and memories is to say the least. Like I said last week, I love being here, but it also brings to the surface one of my biggest fears. For the […]


Home is a word which is related to a sanskrit word meaning safe dwelling. With so many people moving around the world right now as refugees of war or economy or environment I’m aware of the increasing luxury of home. Of being able to be completely safe and looked after and recharged. Of being surrounded […]


This is our theme for the month as both Johanna and I head home for a few weeks. For me this is a time of surrender and recovery post several difficult months, where I hope to gain perspective and clarity. I am so incredibly fortunate to have such a bolthole of peace and comfort. I’m […]

Back home

I travelled back home to Österlen (in the Southern part of Sweden) this week to the house where I grew up. My father founded a Rose Nursery here back in the 90’s and since 2001 when he passed away my mother runs it. During three weeks my mother will be away on a rose trip […]

The point of Achilles’ heel

When I teach or consult on scripts and stories I often talk about character flaws and the character’s weaknesses. The weakness or flaw is often in dramaturgy named the Achilles’ heel. The specific weakness is also what the antagonist (the force against our hero) uses to stop the protagonist or hero from achieving the goal. […]

I’m glad you’re back

This is the last week of acceptance as a theme and it has been quite a serious journey to be frank. I’ve realized how challenging it is to accept without judgement where you are. We live within such defined parameters that to keep ones own head focused on ones own path and not be swayed […]