2014 September

Johanna’s Week Four

It was a Sunday morning. I knew I had a smile on my face before I could feel it. Before opening my eyes, I knew they were excited and curious for a brand new day. I felt a gentle breeze from the open window, a touch of fresh air, like right after a wonderful morning […]

Mhairi’s Week Four

The theme for me this week was inspired by a simple instagram photo I had seen which said ‘she created the life she wanted to live’. It was a manic week as I prepped for the shoot of season 2 of Feathers and Toast. We were shooting 8 episodes in one day with another mime […]

Mhairi’s Week Three

Sometimes I have used words such as brave and courageous without really knowing what they meant in a day-to-day scenario. It’s a good thing to think of the big picture, of Joan of arc and what she did but how does that translate for me now? I’ve often thought that should I be required to […]

Johanna’s Week Three

Last week’s sense of nirvana called for action. There was this one thing that kept coming back to me. Over and over again. I couldn’t dodge the bullet. “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” That is number one on Bronnie Ware’s […]

Mhairi’s Week Two

So, this week was a week of confronting things that I normally don’t like to think about. I tell you it was as if I was cleaning out a drawer. Things began to shift and I felt clearer headed and although I haven’t quite reached nirvana, things are shifting towards me actually being in charge […]

Johanna’s week 2

After last week’s crazy roller coaster ride of fighting fears and emotional overflow, I suddenly noticed this calmness within me. It was a warm pulsating centered feeling. It was like I held a big ball of warmness, a personal sun shining within me. It felt like nothing could ever rock me out of balance. Was […]

Johanna’s Week One

The clock was ticking! The starting day was coming closer by the second. I found myself being quite nervous, in fact, actually ANXIOUS. This was as full as my jar would ever get! That’s it. My jar is FULL… …until I take that first bead out. I started to feel like my life was slipping […]

Mhairi’s Week One

The night before what felt like Christmas was a Thursday night. I had had issues with my beads and didn’t know how I was going to verify the number. I wanted precision. One of the things the beads are already impacting my life with, is that I want to lead a precise life. I don’t […]