Why we started

Johanna and I have decided to go back to basics and to remember our original intentions with the bead movement. As per many things in life which are long-or life long projects-sometimes we just keep doing them without checking in and re-evaluating why it was we started in the first place. We started the movement […]


I actually said a few times this week that I’m living my dream life. When a friend had mentioned that to me months ago as we walked through Paramount (my favorite studio in the whole world and where I visualize in a serious way Feathers and Toast shooting one day) I had smiled and agreed […]


This week I began talking to my therapist on the Monday who said that I didn’t have enough faith and wasn’t visualizing what I was going for enough. That doubt, like a grain of sand in a watch, stops the whole mechanism from working. I wrote down some affirmations and visualizations of what I want […]


This was a hard week. A week in which fear had me in a vice; despite starting this new decade with the vision of leaving a crate with the word FEAR on it at the train station platform as I pull off in the train. Toot, toot and disappearing off into the night without any […]


Setting a goal and then just releasing and see the pieces fall together. Thats clearly the plan and this week I had the fortune of seeing things drop into place. Years ago Holly asked me in a goal group what I was aiming for, what my ambition was. I replied that it was to be […]

Aiming high

Continuing on in the certainty that everything happens for a reason, even one which may not seem clear in the moment, these past few months I have been considering buying a journal/planner which I had heard very good reviews of from an extremely reliable source (Johanna herself) but for some reason despite looking through it […]


One week in almost and haven’t yet found clarity in what word (s) I am drawn too for a theme for 2017. Next weekend I’m making my vision board for the year and what the theme to resonate throughout, so have a few more days to come to my final decision but in previous years […]


Someone last week told me that when they had decided to smile as much as they could throughout the day then things started to change for them in all areas of their lives. Amazing. I recently went to a seminar on meditation and chakras and we were asked to stare at our right palm and […]


I started this year with a need to rediscover my faith, to rediscover my belief that everything was going to work out. I had struggled with wondering if I would attain the life I dreamed of and I am ending this year full of faith and hope and belief that it is possible and will […]


Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.  For me the word wonder crops up almost only when talking of children she stared in childlike wonder and such but this week when I reflect on it, the word that comes to mind is wonder. I unexpectedly have […]