2015 December


Sitting fireside as the rain lashes the windows and such all I have to say is that I am grateful that the final days of 2015 can be played out with family and far from the manic days of the past few months. Lovely to quietly spend the end of the year and slow down […]

New Year’s resolutions or just a fresh start?

I used to be that girl who after midnight on New Year’s Eve (post a few drinks) shouted out a list of goals I knew would have a great impact on my life, but that I never would achieve. It was goals, I for a little while say a month or at tops two, would […]

On the move

Have just arrived into the wilds of the Scottish Highlands and as we speak am listening to the winds whipping around the house. I was in London visiting friends before arriving home with family. Each day has been incredible; seeing old friends some of whom I haven’t seen for 4 or 5 years. In the […]

Birthday ritual

It’s my birthday and for the past 3 birthdays I have done a new ritual, much like what some people do for the new year. Striving and growing is key in my life, and I absolutely love a fresh start. Who doesn’t? Today I want to share my ritual with you. First, I make sure to spend […]

4 tips for conversations

What caught my attention this week was something very useful this time of the year when we are busy with Christmas parties and network events. It’s how to be a great conversationalist. I listened to a podcast and someone spoke of Bill Clinton being a great conversationalist. Apparently people walk away from meeting him with a […]

The Eagle

The end of the year has had me run a little ragged. It can be a challenge to find stillness not only physically but also within my mind when I’ve been so chaotic but the wild ride of clearing a house, writing and recording 4 episodes of a TV show, finding a plumber and unpacking […]

Impeccable with my time

It’s one of those weeks when I am working 7 days a week from early morning to late night. I have the privilege of having a whole lot of work at the moment, and it has forced me to turn down a few things in order to get the most important things done in time. […]

The years end

With the drawing out of the end of the year comes the end of an era for me and my family. As we get ready to sell my grandmothers house we have been painting and clearing like wild animals over the past 10 days or so culminating in sorts today at a garage sale which […]