2014 October

Mhairi’s Week 8

The Week of my Birthday brought about contemplation for the year gone by and what I would like to bring into my new year. It’s a bit like the shedding of a skin, leaving a year behind and going straight into another.  I once heard an analogy about a car in a garage. In order […]

Johanna’s Week 8

The truth It is a time of extremes. Here in Sweden a right wing populist and anti-immigration political party gained votes in the recent national elections and became the third biggest party in our parliament. The cold war has reentered Sweden with active military operations against foreign submarines in the Stockholm archipelago. In the world we see deadly […]

Johanna’s Week Seven

Getting the signs It all started with me getting a cold. I’d had too few hours of sleep for too many days in a row, and when adding plane flights traveling Sweden to the mix, it was a recipe if not for disaster very much so for getting sick. I know that if I am […]

Mhairi’s Week Seven

Despite my being on the serious alert for all things significant and deep, I failed to think for a moment what the meaning of the pearl was; beyond what it meant to me personally. When I had been shopping for the beads with Johanna I had spotted the pearls and was compelled straight away to […]

Mhairi’s Week Six

This week was about allowing myself to daydream the life I see myself living before it actually comes to pass. I’m extremely happy in my day to day-its not at all a situation about daydreaming for something better-but rather its about having a strong direction and daydreaming about that. After all if you don’t know […]

Johanna’s Week Six

After deciding that we were going to start The Bead Movement, me and Mhairi sat down at our usual café to break down how we wanted to go about the beading. Among many things, we wrote keywords to live by. ‘Compassion’ was one of mine. As with everything else, if you don’t have it on […]

Mhairi’s Week Five

The not neon week This week was like being beneath the hood of a car and tinkering. Traditionally for me post show or post shoot it can be a little flat. I find it can be hard to manage myself and my energy and possibly in the future, I should plan a trip to Hawaii […]

Johanna’s Week Five

As I was trying to live the bravest me, I noticed that somewhere along the line I had stopped listening to my heart. Instead I had started to listen to the shatter of my mind. I had started to make logical and rational decisions, instead of listening to what my heart told me. How did […]