This morning I went to Seal Beach sort of early, around 9.30am…the sun was up but the whole ocean was shrouded in thick fog. I walked along the beach and saw surfers bobbing in the shallow water by the sand they looked like they were in the middle of a different world. All around them was a hazy grey blue. You couldn’t tell where the water ended and the sky began. It was all a muddle of blue. So, so beautiful. I’ve never seen the beach like that. The few people I walked by were the only things in focus, the world we were in was completely unhinged, totally in a blur. It was like being on another planet. It made me think of the weirdness of the world we live in, we understand so little, we live according to our own logic, following paradigms set out either by us, institutions, society… but basically theres only a few things we know for sure. The rest really is a mystery. Its kind of freeing just to let go of trying to understand what that all means, to simply find beauty in what is all around you and to let go of trying to work out what it means. It was so beautiful this morning I actually gasped a couple of times. Going to hold onto that for the rest of the weekend and not allow myself to feel anxious, to cling onto my own rationale of things that loom, but instead just see the beauty in the world, without trying to dissect and understand it. Just even saying that makes me smile.

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  • Michele Morrison March 14, 2017 Reply

    Yes, it is freeing not to have to ascribe any meaning other than beautiful to something. Glad you had such a lovely experience.

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