Fog Continued

So the fog continued which was an amazing reminder to continue to work with faith this week. A mere couple hours after writing my bead movement post last week a few things threatened my peace and I had to hold onto the image I held in my memory of fog on the beach. Its been foggy most mornings and last night when I drove to Santa Monica in the evening it was a veritable pea soup. Which acted as a reminder to relax and trust and know that although I can’t necessarily see whats what yet I am going to hold onto the belief that amazing things are about to break through. I’ve had a massive amount of work on these past few days and my arm, shoulder and back are now extremely sore from all the typing. As I sat in a spa this evening, soaking and trying to release the muscle tension I thought theres going to be a time soon when I can’t write this much, its not good for me…I simply cannot physically sustain it…and then what will I do? I had a distinct image of a door closing and another opening, and so still in the unknown, in the fog but trusting things will become clear. Big things on the cards workwise so trusting that the fog, my physical discomfort is all leading me onwards to brighter better things.

Watched an amazing film The Heart of Nuba this week featuring a man who had trained as an engineer but who suddenly feels called to be a doctor so retrained and is currently now the only doctor in the Nuba Mountains, in Sudan, in the middle of a very dangerous warzone. Last night heard of someone else compelled to go to The Congo and work with war lords.  They both had an immediate clear indicator of what they needed to do. I did feel compelled 7 years ago to come to LA, so I did with a sandwich bag full of money and a list of 10 names on a bit of paper. So I guess now its not to lose the faith in that decision but to trust that as people have been called to other far flung places, there is a reason Hollywood beckoned…although not sure I can put it on the same danger levels as the Congo and civil war, but anyway. Trusting that the fog will lift soon and that the path will become clear…

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  • Michele Morrison March 19, 2017 Reply

    Message at church this am was on this theme. We don’t need to see the whole picture for the next ten years, we just need to see the next step. We just need to see in the headlights. Weird coincidence that preacher’s image was the same: fog obscuring the way forward in the headlights. He brought out the point that if you turn on your ‘brights’ thinking to see clearer it only reflects and makes the way ahead less distinct. Keep to the low beams, one step at a time. You’re doing great.

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