2015 February

To not shy away

One morning when I was on the subway on my way to work I noticed a homeless woman who was walking the aisle of the subway. In the corner of my eye I saw her stop at every seating section to ask for money. I heard her repeat the same line over and over again, […]

Love on the 405

This week was focused on loving people who we didn’t know. I had thought that would lead me to think more about women suffering around the world, perhaps write some letters of encouragement to political prisoners and things. What actually happened was translating the idea of loving strangers more into my daily life, which for […]

Love of Listening

Love challenge week 2 means that this week we were focused on loving people in our lives more. I was thinking about what this actually means, and obviously it can mean different things to different people at different times. But for me this week I chose to focus on the act of listening. The way […]

Self worth

I had a conversation with a fellow writer earlier this week about something that is one of the many reasons I am doing The Bead Movement and personal development work. As a creative person it is easy to connect your worth to the work you are currently doing. You feel good when you’re hired, and when […]

Love a Challenge

It is a new year and both me and Mhairi have set intentions, made plans and written mission statements for 2015. Together we decided to take a month to really think through what we wanted The Bead Movement to be for us this year, both separately and as a team. In the beginning of July […]

All you need is love

Last summer when Johanna and I began this journey together with the beads we simply began. We took our first few steps and had no idea what might happen as a result of popping a bead in a jar every day. We simply had the intention to ensure that we valued everyday that we have […]

Honesty and things

Eye test. I am so squeamish that an eye test was certainly not on my to do list while on holiday in Scotland, but due to recent streaming eyes and bright lights causing me to stare down at my feet I was forced into testing and seeing whats what. I, like most people, have a […]

Endings and new beginnings

It was New Years Eve. I was standing on a rooftop in West Hollywood as fireworks were lighting up the California sky. As December came to an end and January began I was cheering in 2014 with friends. We had nothing but big hopes and dreams. On January 1 2014 I took on a new […]