2015 October

Five levels of failing

So the other day I listened to a podcast on success with Peter Voogd who referenced two friends of his, Fenton & Waltz, who have written a little book called ‘Go for No!”. The usual way to look at success is to dodge or eliminate the potential failures. Fenton & Waltz speaks of the opposite, that […]


I’ve been practicing yoga for over 16 years and the headstand has been a pose which has always made me a little frightened. I have had this fear of my neck snapping if I don’t get my hands in the exact right place to cradle my head. This past year or so I have been […]


This week I read a book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J Schwartz. He speaks of the difference between the successful and the not so successful people. It all boils down to one basic difference; the limiting belief of what’s possible for oneself. Haven’t we all been there, putting off things or playing […]

Singing through my fear

Last night I performed in what maybe the last performance of a cabaret show. I host the show and mime, make a ham sandwich and sing. Singing has been a huge monstrous fear of mine since I was in a choir at school one christmas aged 13. The dress rehearsal was in the church and […]

fear vs intuition

I was away for a 2-day workshop with a coach this week, and as I was working on my vision for my life and business, something unexpected happened. The last piece to my giant vision puzzle fell on it’s place. It was something I hadn’t expected to be a part of my professional life, not […]

The Month of Fear

This week I was eating lunch in a cafe when I noticed a postcard advertising a yoga studio in the area. On the card were the words: October. Do something this month that scares you. I live in a city wildly enthusiastic about Halloween but Eleanor Roosevelt’s thought to “do one thing everyday that scares […]

Tipping point

It’s been a year of breaking habits, and stepping into the unknown. This week I found myself making a mistake I’ve done one too many times now. It doesn’t matter what the mistake was, we have all had that feeling of having reached the tipping point of failures, right?! I was angry, I was really […]

Nothing Changes

I recently reread The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho which is an incredibly inspiring book. It is a tale of a shepherd who follows his heart to his treasure in Egypt and all his journeys and adventures along the way.The basic thing is that when you begin what you are meant to do its easy and […]