2015 July


Yesterday I did a very deep backbend in yoga, the deepest I have ever gone in the pose. When I got home I looked up what the significance of that was. Backbends are very vulnerable poses. Usually we protect our heart and front body, even leaning forward a little, hunching shoulders over. To expose your […]

Faith IV

Faith is knowing without having the answers, it’s trusting without the facts. It’s walking the path sure of your way, without a map. It’s letting go of your need to control the outcome, and relinquish the fears and the anxiety that holds your littleness in place. It’s to choose love in every moment, no matter […]

Faith III or jumping into the unknown

I’m currently on vacation in Tuscany, Italy. A truly beautiful region with it’s hills and coastline, not to forget the amazing food and wine! The other day my boyfriend took me on a snorkeling date in the Mediterranean. I absolutely love being in the water so one might think its the perfect event, but the […]

Be daring, darling.

Writing a script is an act of faith for me. I can become frozen with fear with all the technicalities, the rules, the points that need to be covered by which pages, the turning points etc etc. I am an actress and haven’t been trained really at all in the art of script writing. I […]

Faith II

To a large degree, summertime is for a freelancer synonymous with stress and anxiety. Everyone is waiting for decisions to be made, ie will my show or film get a go ahead. Few decisions are made pre-summer because the decision makers leave for vacation, which leads us freelancers in limbo, and we sometimes don’t know  whether we […]

Faith tested

Recognizing ones own powerlessness and working out how to manage that is what I was faced with yesterday and I went to yoga instead of spending a fretful hour or so waiting for news. Although people often say how out of control one really is in this world we generally choose not to believe that. […]

Faith I

Our theme to guide us through July is ’Faith’; a word filled with meaning and a word we both have chosen to lead our lives by. Now is the time to find out what the word at this point actually means to us. Faith is absolutely linked to religion, but is it synonymous with it? […]

The End of Grace and the Beginning of Faith

Last week was the first week that I didn’t manage to write a blog post in almost a year. I was moving my 90 year old grandmother out of her house which she had lived in for 64 years, which is no mean feat as one could imagine. At 11pm when I realized that the […]