2015 May

Stand Still

I’ll never forget how still I became when I was in the middle of a jungle in Mexico and realized I was lost. I could see the rising panic in my boyfriends eyes which brought out of me a serious sense of calm and clarity.A real survival instinct came to me and I was able […]

Stand IV

How do we keep two feet on the ground, our visions and goals clear, as the world is constantly changing? I’d say it comes down to two things. First, working on yourself, keeping a strong center, being in tuned and on your path, is crucial. Secondly, I think it comes down to the people in your […]

Stand III

What has become clear to me these past months doing the bead movement is that everything in my life moves in cycles. The cycles all have the same structure no matter what I am learning, experiencing or investigating. It always starts with a period of expansion where I push myself beyond my comfort zone. It’s […]

Still Standing

I read a very helpful blog a few years ago about how to be successful in business. It stated that you should give to your community before you ask of it.Basically thats a very good way to go about all things in life; a little like listening first before talking. It seems common sense and […]

Stand II

This month’s word ‘Stand’ happened to be amazingly well suited for this week. I have pushed myself over the edge of my comfort zone professionally as well as personally. I have let go of the old belief that I need to take care of everything myself, and accepted that I want and need others to […]

Upside down

This week has been a continuation of the whirlwind life has been recently. On the horizon the cabaret show. Last month the cabaret and the prospect of singing threw me into a serious state of anxiety. This month I was the black and white opposite. I was so calm as a cucumber I vaguely thought […]

Opened wounds

I came back home from Paris, and there it was. A notice on my apartment building door. ”About the fire”. I froze. A thousand and one thoughts at the same time, yet a blank empty space in my mind. A fire?! Apparently there had been a fire two days prior in the attic of my […]


This month our theme is Stand. Waking up contemplating the word this morning I was immediately drawn to an article which stunned me that I read this week. The article covered the brutality which the Yazidi women were enduring under the ISIS. The details which the article provided, as to how the slave women were […]

Paris perspective

My boyfriend whisked me away to Paris this week for a looong lovely weekend away. There really isn’t anything better than to be swept off one’s feet to the capital of romance and love. Having a croissant for breakfast at a typical Parisian café while people watching, sipping on a glass of Champagne in the […]


This week has been like being in a washing machine on the fastest, most mental cycle. I was on a trip for five days visiting family, during which time 2 members of my family suddenly passed away. This is the first time in my life something sudden has happened to people I know. It exemplifies […]