2016 January


This past week was the last week of Holly and I preparing for pitching and Monday marks the beginning of the next phase which is all about getting in the room to pitch. This entails making phone calls, reaching out to friends of friends, strangers and basically coming up with a network strategy of how […]


Thank you Suffragettes!

I just got back from watching the movie Suffragette. It’s the last blog post on our January theme inspiration, and this movie brings more than justice to the word ‘inspire’ for sure. Actions planned and some already taken because of the movie: 1. I’m going to buy tickets to the movie to get my boyfriend […]

Remember the fun

A while back I found myself stuck in writing a script. I restarted over and over again, but ended up being stuck at the same place every single time. I got more and more frustrated. My go-to-solution for most problems is always to go out and take a walk, and during this walk I kept […]

An Inspired Life

The definition of the word inspire is ‘to make someone want to do something’. We use the word so liberally, I’m not sure what I thought it meant but for some reason this definition seemed a little basic and a little limiting. I really believe we get what we need and sometimes before we even […]


This month our theme is inspiration. I feel that I’ve had the incredible fortune to have had a mega inspiring week. First off I was in a cabin with my producing partner Holly for 2 days up a mountain to break the back of the pitch for our show. It was a challenging mind acrobatically […]


Since this is the month of inspiration, I wanted to share something that has inspired me lately. Right now I’m reading ’Unlimited Power’ by Tony Robbins and in that book he describes the power of ’Belief’. As everyone knows, we are what we think we are, but even if I know that the experiments he […]

The Swedish Theory of Love

Me and Mhairi decided to open this year of blogging with ‘Inspiration’ being our January theme, and last night’s movie was definitely something that sparked a conversation. Last night I was at the movies with a friend watching the new Swedish documentary ‘The Swedish Theory of Love’, a film by the Italian-Swede Erik Gandini. The film […]


Usually at this time of year I can teeter into feeling a little blue. Post christmas with family and visiting friends in London coming back to my apartment in Los Angeles without a clear plan of how to achieve what I want to achieve this year can cause me to feel overwhelmed and a little […]

New Year New Adventure

This year I really do feel excited about the New Year and believe that 2016 will be a whole new adventure, a shift in focus and bring all manner of good things. I hope for you too darling that this finds you on the brink of your best ever year yet. Here’s to health and […]

Forgetting the beads

Alright, so the fact is that I at several times have forgotten to move my daily bead from one of the jars to the other. It’s not like I don’t see the jar and completely forget it for the simple reason that I didn’t see it… And it’s not like I have skipped my soulful […]