2016 March

In an instant

I am at a little bit of a low ebb at the moment and last week mum very kindly offered to buy me 2 new pairs of shoes. After purchasing the trainers the shop assistant said that I could spin the wheel of fortune behind the counter and if the needle landed on a 0 […]

I used to be

Earlier I had a tendency to hide from conflicts, to duck the penetrating questions, the hard topics, the most daring thoughts, the most heartbreaking facts. The lesson this week brought me was a testament to that I got a new pattern in store. I was talking to Mhairi on Tuesday, and I blurted out that […]

Taking responsibility

I am reading “Goals!” by Brian Tracy at the moment, and in one of his chapters he writes about the courage to take complete responsibility for one’s life. When I read those words I had a flashback to a day a few years back when this very fact dawned on me. I had been working in […]

Keep going

This week has been an extreme case of battling so many issues to go into it here would run into reams and reams so suffice to say this past week has seen me challenged on several fronts. One of the things that has kept me going has been an comment from a fan of the […]


I had a mishap with a project this week. Me and my collaborator have been working on it for quite some time, super convinced this will be the next hit tv show. But instead of getting a positive response we got a negative one. It took me 30 seconds after reading the email to understand […]


So this months theme is about keeping all the balls in the air or for me I had that serious image of holding the reigns of 6 horses as I stand and drive a Roman chariot. Well this week I think my lesson has to be that I still have to take care of myself. […]

Leading the ship

I’ve been postponing this week’s blogpost all week. When the weekend finally came I thought I would write it on Saturday, I didn’t. I thought I could do it yesterday since we headed off on a vacation, but I didn’t. As I look out over the Fuengirola harbor and the Mediterranean sea in Spain this […]

Runaway horse

So the thing I have been worried about for years happened this past week. I lost my job. I’m a freelancer but have been fortunate to have had a pretty steady writing and VO gig with some TV shows which have suddenly and without warning left the studio where I was working. I felt immediately […]