2015 November


It’s that time of the year. The darkness takes over the day, the sun is up from 8.15 am to 3 pm. Some days when it’s grey and gloomy outside it feels like I never really wake up. Every year at this time it’s like we start hibernating. It can’t be a coincidence we light […]


Spending the past few days clearing out my grandmothers house. 65 Years of clothes, dishes, trinkets and records. Endless piles of things moved from cupboard to room to room to garage. My grandmother gave me a cushion with “Worrying about tomorrow empties today of its strength” embroidered on a few years ago. Its incredibly simple […]

Being ready

It’s been a crazy busy week, with meetings and work piling up, and by Thursday night I found myself all stressed out. My head felt like a tumble dryer full of thoughts. My heart was racing, and my soul a bit anxious. The first thing I realized was that I (for two mornings in a […]


This week has been manic as per usual but Thursday night tailspinned a little more so than usual. I had driven down to Seal Beach to visit my grandmother for dinner which had meant 3 hours in traffic despite leaving at 3pm to drive the 35 miles South. When I arrived I immediately put in […]

Paris, remember love

The unthinkable happens again. Terrorist attacks in the city of love. We all feel it, we all know what it means. If it can happen in Paris it can happen here. We not only feel for the people of Paris, but it also stirs up fear, making people feel insecure and threatened in their everyday […]

Landlocked Mind

I woke up anxious this morning with a whirling mind of all that I had to do before leaving for a trip tomorrow. Coupled with an unexpected TV show which I had had to write and record VO for this morning…so a frantic day and instead of thinking I had at least one whole day […]

Negativity Fast

During our weekly call Mhairi mentioned she was on the negativity fast. She had been recommended a book that was a 40 days Negativity Fast that in essence is about breaking free from negative thought patterns that limit your true life. Just like that we had found our theme for November. November in Stockholm goes […]

Clearing Negativity

I have always thought of myself as a positive person. Thats for sure how I would describe myself but a few days ago I began a fast of negativity and changed my morning routine to include meditation and such and it turns out my mind is against me darling! I’m stunned to realize that I […]

It’s you who run your life!

Do you realize the only one holding you back, and weighing you down – is YOU? It’s not your circumstances and it’s not your bagage – it is YOU who decide to let what has happened limit your possibilities. You might respond to this by thinking that I just don’t understand what you have been through […]

Just do it

This concludes our month of doing something regularly that scares you; working out what fear is and how to go through it. To be frank my main antidote to keeping fearful thoughts at bay is keeping my head up, keeping an even breath and taking my first step. As my dad said to me right […]