2015 August


Living 100% out of every minute. Squeezing everything possible out of the moment. I have a thought that without keeping myself in check I maybe living only about 30 or 40% out of every minute. Without having my head here and now. That I maybe draining the intensity of the minute by thinking of what […]


A year ago I read a book by Deepak Chopra on interconnectedness and oneness. His perspective is that nothing happens randomly in our world; there is no mere chance or luck involved in the unfolding of our lives. His view is that everything fits together in a perfect and divine order. The essence can be […]

The right choice

I have had an amazingly productive week, and I have no idea whether it’s because of my three day juice cleanse, my 3 weeks of vacation or that I am in a better work mode. It might have something to do with us finally coming to an end of unpacking after the move, and that […]


This week my brother Jamie posted an article on Facebook which talked about the modern epidemic of being busy. It was really interesting and something I’ve been thinking a lot about in the past few months. The article talks about the fact that often times when you ask someone how they are they will reply with […]

The 3 rats

So listening has taken a deeper turn this week. For the first time in 16 years of having a cell phone my phone broke. For hours I trouble-shot to no avail with Verizon on the phone, downloading programs on my computer, adding storage saving photographs and a myriad of other time consuming things which meant […]

Lean forward

I spent today at a golf club, it was my first day of my 2-days beginner’s golf training. We were trying to swing our clubs so the ball would fly high over a bunker and land perfectly on the green. Some shots were good and just as many were bad, until the instructor took a […]

The seed of life

Yesterday as we were out working in the garden vi found a tiny little plant under one of the garden tables. It was growing in, what one would think would be the worst of conditions, namely in grit. My boyfriend gently picked it up with roots and all, and as he showed me the plant […]

Lemon Tart

When I think of listening often i think of it in relation to listening to other people. in some ways it feels like a passive activity; to simply take in what the other person is saying but one of the definitions of the word listen is ‘to make an effort to hear something, to be […]

A whole year in beads

This morning I dropped my 365th bead into my blue bottle. Wow. Its been a year since we began this journey and it has impacted my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. What initially began as a sort of light reminder as to the value of each day has become a sort […]

365 days with the beads

Wow, we have done our first year of The Bead Movement. It’s been 365 beads moved from one jar to another. I’ve been moving beads in the state of fear, anxiety, sadness, happiness, love, and in pure bliss and gratefulness. The beads have been with me in the States, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy […]