Someone wise once said that when he is hard pressed for time he spends twice as long meditating. That is good advice and a point worth remembering as I literally run from one thing to the next. I was up at 6am last Saturday after having worked until 10.15pm recording an audio book, which I did after filming a demo which meant that my alarm went at 6 in order to facilitate packing before getting a flight to NYC. I thought I was being generous with the time at 6am but it turned out that until 9am I actually was running through my house packing, dropping my car off at a friends nearby and generally multi tasking until I was calmly in my Uber on the way to LAX. It was manic and a as per usual day of recent months, or perhaps of recent years. My flight was delayed and for a time I had nothing to do-not wanting to start working on my laptop as when the plane took off would have to put it away again-so just sat there quietly looking at nothing in particular. It was actually extremely relaxing to be somewhere in a small space with nothing to do and to not be in control at all of the situation. I was forced to do nothing. Amazed that it took sitting stationary at LAX to have a moments peace I am now determined to work more moments of stillness into my days. No matter how busy I am. In fact the busier the stiller I endeavor to become. Watch this calm like space.

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  • Michele Morrison May 21, 2017 Reply

    In the same vein, William Wilberforce, an early nineteenth century English politician who was instrumental in the abolition of slavery in Britain, got up earlier on busy days in order not to compromise his prayer time. And there’s a book someone has written called something like Too Busy not to Pray. The faster you spin, the more you need time to recharge and contemplate, pray and just be.

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