2014 August

Mhairi buys the jar

Luckily Johanna had mentioned about the dust to me, otherwise I would never have considered the need for a lid on the jar to hold my beads. I hadn’t considered either how tricky it would be to find a container beautiful and big enough to hold all my beads. I needed something that would be […]

Johanna buys the jar

So back in Stockholm, after a week of vacation in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago, it was time to buy the jars for the beads. The idea was to have two equal jars, and I was on a serious hunt for that special, perfect jar. That beautiful jar, that will preciously hold my life (in its […]

Mhairi buying her beads.

I had absolutely no idea what kind of beads I was going to get. Unlike the pencil skirts, I had not spent evenings in baths thinking about the beads of the world. Living in LA is useful when one embarks on a shopping trip to buy massive amounts of something. The fashion district was made […]

Johanna buying her beads

July 15 was the day Mhairi and I drove downtown Los Angeles to the Fashion District to go bead hunting. Almost immediately after we entered the first bead store I felt a bit overwhelmed and dizzy. First I thought it was because of the heat, so I kept drinking water to hydrate. But then I […]

Mhairi’s decision

My friend was going through a tricky time and as a result, our Skype conversation was peppered with new-found wisdom and quotes from books. In the midst of new age mantras and whatnot my friend happened to mention a guy who worked out how many days he would have left to live if he lived […]

Johanna’s Decision

Some people react to this project as a bit morbid. ’Do I really want to see my days run out?!’ For me it couldn’t be further away from death, this is an action FOR life. Personally I know all too well that life is fragile; that life in an instant can turn your world upside down, […]