2016 August

Reflections – knowing your true north

Since the beginning of this year I’m doing a workshop called ’Take charge of your career”. I’ve been zooming in on freelancers and students of the film industry as a start, but it works just as well for freelancers in any field. The workshop is based on my own shift, from feeling that my career […]


Belief is on my vision board for this year. It’s one of my themes along with courage and faith. This week I have had several reminders, prompts from friends, from circumstances shifting and such regarding belief and my struggle sometimes to hold onto it. A part of the yoga philosophy is to start each practice […]

Reflections – stepping out as my real authentic self

Wow! I have just completed a 5-day #OwnYourSpotlight challenge with Coach Thais. It’s been nothing short of amazing. I haven’t felt this free in my soul, felt such clarity in my life, and such sense of purpose since… I don’t know, since maybe forever! But reflecting on this past week of doing major work on […]


I saw a photo of a flower blooming last year on someones Facebook feed and the caption across it was You can’t rush the blossoming of a flower, it blooms when it blooms. It really resonated with me and this week came into my mind on several occasions when things that I had ben pushing […]

Reflection – the roller coaster of growth

I thought I would be writing about awareness and presence this week. Over the course of these two years, of putting a bead in a jar every day, I have grown to become more aware than I was when I started. I tend to listen more closely to my intuition, try to read symbols and […]

The Best is Yet to come

Letting go is something that Johanna and I have talked at at length throughout the past 2 years. Its an oft mentioned thing one should try to do at all costs. For me it has on occasion seemed elusive though, what does that actually mean? Surely its not simply a question of sitting on the […]

Lesson two, what growth means

I always thought that in order for me to live the life I truly desired I needed to attain new qualities, knowledge and skills. That I needed to grow into someone I wasn’t already. Grow as in acquire new characteristics and skills. One of the most potent lessons, as I look through these two years […]

Joie de vivre

My grandmother turned 92 this week and we took a boat across the Pacific for an hour to Catalina Island and immediately leapt into a golf cart and zipped up and down the canyons. I didn’t think to ask the rental people if there was a height restriction with the carts. So it wasn’t until […]