Reboot several times a day

My energy levels have been low for a while, and one day I hit a point of no return when I replied “Tired” for the thousand time to the question “How are you?”. I felt sick of myself. This is not who I am. I want to be alive and vibrant. I definitely don’t want to be a tired person, but tired I was. I know I am not the only one feeling like this, pandemic and all.

But where do one go from tired? What are the keys to regaining energy? Of course it’s helpful to feed oneself nutritious meals, and cut back on sugary foods that spike the insulin levels and eat clean food. Most of all, I knew I needed to add more daily exercise. We moved at the end of January and my daily bike rides to meetings were gone. There was no more bike rides to the city, hey, there was no daily meetings in person anymore due to covid-19.

As I started to do some research, I found Brendon Burchard talk about transitions stealing energy and there was a technique to stop the drainage. He had a really simple, quick technique that would have a huge impact. “Yeah, right?!”, I thought.

It is simple. It is quick. And it did make a difference.

In it’s simplest of forms it’s this: before switching from one task to another Burchard recommends to close your eyes and make a short meditation for 1-3 minutes (at least). During the meditation go through your body and relax your muscles. At the end of the mediation keep your eyes closed and think about the next activity you will start doing. Think about how you want to feel while performing it, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Then open your eyes and go.

The idea is that transitions steal energy because we have a tendency to move from one thing to the next without never really closing the last one. This makes the past activity linger and take up space in your head leading to drainage of energy. The second part of the exercise, to set an intention, can get us to reframe an activity in order to make it more positively charged.

This simple thing is one of the actions I have taken in the past few weeks that indeed have had a good impact on my mood and in regulating my energy levels.

Best Sunday wishes from Stockholm,


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