Holly told me a few years ago that she had heard a rockstar being interviewed in his 70s and that he had said that now, looking back on his life, everything happened at just the right moment but that when he was in the thick of it it had been impossible to see that. This week I feel theres a convergence of things in my life, hovering, the balls haven’t all dropped yet but I can see them above. Believing that when the time is right the chips will fall into perfect place but until that moment all I need to do is relax and have faith that there is a reason I have what I have in my heart, that thats whats giving me direction, purpose and why I am born here and at this point in time. There’s a reason for it and as long as I stay true to my heart and have faith then it will all come right in the wash.

So I am surrendering to all that is in my heart and believing that I too, when I am in my 70s and being interviewed will be able to say yes darling, now that I look back on it all, it all happened exactly the way it should have done and not a moment before.



  • Michele November 21, 2016 Reply

    Yup. You can’t be late for your own life.

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