Wonder: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable.  For me the word wonder crops up almost only when talking of children she stared in childlike wonder and such but this week when I reflect on it, the word that comes to mind is wonder. I unexpectedly have been given a trip home for Christmas which came right out of the blue and which I am so extremely grateful for from my dear Grandmother. We had plans, she and I, over the Christmas period, had booked concert tickets in an incredible glass church on top of  mountain, a hotel by the ocean for a couple of days and had reached out to family further afield that I was planning on driving us around for so she knocked me for six when she turned to me the other day and said that she would buy my ticket home as I needed to be there for Christmas. My grandmother is 92 and we have been through thick and thin together throughout my whole life, only ever so slightly hampered by having grown up thousands of miles away due to her weekly diligence at letter writing throughout my childhood but in the past 7 years we’ve had the opportunity to be there for each other in a more practical way. I am so incredibly blessed to have had the serious fortune to find myself in such a strong loving family and so am bringing the word wonder out of exclusive childhood usage to use for this week at least in bright sparkling shining perhaps even neon letters, my heart is filled with wonder at the unexpected joys of life. Just when you thought you were headed for a christmas afternoon concert on a mountain you just may find yourself on a purple airplane heading home, via Iceland. May this week bring many a wonder your way darling. May we always retain in our hearts the certainty that the next wonderful wonder could only be a couple of beats away.


  • Michele Morrison December 5, 2016 Reply

    Wonderful tribute to a selfless, loving Gramma who still has the grace and joy to be giving to others.

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