active vs passive


I read an article this week about active and passive forces. Basically there are different forces within us making us take action or not. The thing is, most of us are not aware of or question why we do what we do, which could lead us to take the wrong action or to take no action at all.

Who hasn’t felt, at one point or another, like you were banging your head against the wall. That you were struggling or hustling like crazy but you just didn’t get the chance. This could most certainly be a case of taking action when your situation called you to be passive. Someone is shouting STOP, and begs you to regroup, rethink, pause and recalibrate. And if we don’t listen at that “voice” telling us that we are on the wrong road, we are just prolonging our own suffering. And likewise, nothing good will ever happen if we just sit and wait for someone to cross our path to save us. So if we sense obstacles, frustration, anxiety, stress or anything that disturbs our peace, it’s a call for us to take a real good look at what’s dissatisfying us, or what we can do differently.

What if everything that happens in your life is a message showing up to tell you something? What if you already are supplied with the insight you look to others to gain? What if you just STOP, sit down on that meditation pillow and LISTENED. What would you hear if you would start asking the right questions and what if you would listen?

I’m in that process right now. To feel everything that shows up. To see all that needs to be brought out in to daylight. But I won’t kid you, it’s work, and sometimes it’s really hard, but at the end of the day it’s pure gold and so worth it.



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