In power

I heard Suze Orman say, “You’ll never be powerful in life until you’re powerful over your own money.” This has nothing to do about being wealthy or about having power over others, it has to do about feeling powerful in your own life. And it kinda makes sense. As a freelance writer I don’t have […]


Johanna’s Week 14

Week 14 – Health scare part 2 (I got the results, 100% healthy) It was an early Monday morning when I went to the Oncology Department at the hospital for a biopsy. Having friends who suffer and recover from cancer have made this brutal illness present in my life, but as with everything else – […]


Johanna’s Week 13

Strong – Health Scare Part 1 (I got the results, 100% healthy) The word ‘Strong’ came up with one of the beads Tuesday morning, and it couldn’t have been more appropriate. I don’t know when, but at least a few months ago, I discovered a lump in my throat. It’s not visible, but obvious when […]

Old Town Stockholm

Johanna’s Week Nine

How we be I had lunch with a few colleagues earlier this week and The Bead Movement came up in the discussion. It’s amazing how these beads has changed my interactions with others. Nowadays it becomes more and more normal for me to discuss existential life questions over a salad or in the rush of […]