This week temperatures have soared in LA. Living without AC and sweltering my way through nights and days as I record an audio book in a studio in the Valley without AC or even a fan (too noisy) I have been fractious. I am also in a wild work period without a moment to spare […]


So I begin

I’ve just arrived back in LA after 3 glorious weeks back at home. I feel as though I was a fledgling plant under serious heat lamps of attention, encouragement, time and love from my family and friends. From Aberdeen to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and London I was smothered in a blanket of love. That sounds […]


Mhairi’s Week Six

This week was about allowing myself to daydream the life I see myself living before it actually comes to pass. I’m extremely happy in my day to day-its not at all a situation about daydreaming for something better-but rather its about having a strong direction and daydreaming about that. After all if you don’t know […]