Mhairi’s Week Six

This week was about allowing myself to daydream the life I see myself living before it actually comes to pass. I’m extremely happy in my day to day-its not at all a situation about daydreaming for something better-but rather its about having a strong direction and daydreaming about that. After all if you don’t know where you’re going how are you ever going to know when you get there? This way of thinking is pretty dangerous as obviously one might be concerned with well, what if it doesn’t happen the way I want it to, will I be disappointed? How will I cope?

I love all aspects of observing physicality-having studied dance, mime, acrobatics and laterally yoga-I’m bordering on obsessed with watching people move. I love that basically you can show the difference between youth and old age simply through thinking about the heart and chest. Young children run around chest open, arms wide…ready for anything and unaware of falling so they’re not bracing themselves for a fall. Old age can bring about a sunken chest, hunched shoulders and a sense of caving in on oneself; of protecting ones heart. But does it lessen the pain to over protect?

I don’t mean reverting back to some naïve state. Instead, retaining that sense of open heart, but instead of that coming from a place of ignorance (unaware that you might fall) coming from the knowledge that come what may you are strong enough to handle it.

Well I want to know that I will cope if the road for some reason doesn’t come up to meet me. If for whatever reason something doesn’t work out as I had hoped for, I want to hold firmly onto the belief that everything happens for a reason. But ultimately preventing oneself from daydreaming comes down to fear. It’s a fear that “oh better not get carried away because what it if doesn’t work out”. Well, what if it does work. And ironically what if you play a part in it not working by your reticence in dreaming that it will. The Power of positive thinking and all that.

Handstands have taught me a lot about this as I have struggled with them for a few years. A teacher once said, don’t worry, if you fall the floor will always be there to catch you. I love that. Having faith in ones own ability to weather a problem down the road if something doesn’t work out is key. Trying to shield oneself from a situation before it ever happens is for me based on doubt in your ability to withstand life, come what may. Essentially having a doubt that the floor is indeed always there.

Every morning I start the day with yoga and include a handstand. I love starting the day with seeing the world from a different perspective. What if I let go of “what if something bad happens” and instead flip that upside down and focus on “what if something amazing happens?”

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