I have been thinking a lot about LISTENING this week, both listening to myself and to others. I was in Helsinki for work, script consulting on a tv series, and I also talked to the drama department at the national broadcaster there about my method as a script consultant. The talk at the broadcaster really made […]

Clean your mind

So the month of February we are devoted to the theme ’Cleansing’. One might think I’ll spend this post writing about detoxing, juicing, eating kale and what not, but what actually caught my mind this week was a method called GTD, ’Getting Things Done’. The method is created by David Allen and it’s basically a […]

Remember the fun

A while back I found myself stuck in writing a script. I restarted over and over again, but ended up being stuck at the same place every single time. I got more and more frustrated. My go-to-solution for most problems is always to go out and take a walk, and during this walk I kept […]

Trust the Process

I have just started to work on a project that pushes me way out of my comfort zone. It pulls the fear of failure to the surface, at times it makes me doubt my talent and leaves me with sweaty hands and a trembling heart. I have more than once got a slight anxiety attack […]