Tipping point


It’s been a year of breaking habits, and stepping into the unknown. This week I found myself making a mistake I’ve done one too many times now. It doesn’t matter what the mistake was, we have all had that feeling of having reached the tipping point of failures, right?!

I was angry, I was really furious. I couldn’t believe that I had stepped right into the trap once again. I blamed myself for being stupid, for not having seen the situation clearly and evaluated it correctly. I felt a sense of loss, both in time and commitment, but there was also a sting of failure and a sense of abandonment. All sorts of fears came tumbling down, but I caught myself quickly before spiraling down towards self pity.

I took a step back. I knew that I could keep going like this, but it would lead me nowhere. The only thing that would come out of shame-blaming myself would be a lost day. Since we started The Bead Movement this is no longer an option – so there was no time to waste! The only way out was by getting up on the horse again!

I told myself that I had had it. That I would stop doing this. That this was the last time. The very last time.

I used the built up anger the only way I can and turned it into fuel, fuel that would set me off to a new direction. I knew the road I had travelled was not the best one, so yet again I reframed the goal and came up with a new travel route.

As David Sarnoff said: ”The will to persevere is often the difference between failure and success.”

And later that day I found myself having turned my failure into a new possibility. I promised myself that this had been the tipping point, and that I will never make that mistake again. There is no time to waste, every day matters.

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