Johanna Ginstmark

He took our city, but we took it back.

I attended the manifestation in Stockholm on April 9. It was a manifestation of love, as a counteraction to the terrorist attack on April 7. I was scared to go in to the city. I knew I had to so I could face the fear. As soon as I stepped out of the subway I noticed […]

What if you are living your dream?

For the past two months I have been working with a really great coach. We have weekly talks, I have home work every week, and for the past weeks we have had daily check-ins. In our latest session she said, “What if you already are living your dream life?” I was like “What do you mean? […]

This week’s creative constipation

For years I have been pulled towards an idea for a new project. Every time the idea has popped up in my head I have felt this strong need to tell it, and every time I’ve walked right into a wall unable to find a way through the story. This week I found out why, […]

Should vs Must

I watched an interview with Elle Luna by Chase Jarvis on YouTube this week (watch it here I had never before heard about Elle, but was totally mesmerized by her appearance. There was something about her that rang so true. She was truly present. She talked about the difference between should and must. The quote […]

Taking that leap of faith

A week ago I launched my first ever podcast ‘Framgångar och Motgångar’ (‘Success and Setbacks’). What a ride! I started the podcast for two reasons: First I have a dream and need to open up the industry and to start to talk about how things really are in order to shine a light on how we can […]

The simplest question

This week I have had a little assignment. It was just a simple question, but it turned out to be more powerful than I first thought. How can I love what I have a little more? I took a look at different areas in my life, and asked that one question. It’s the simplest little question. Even […]

As if

What if I would tell you that you actually can be, and do anything in the world? What would you do? Who would you choose to be? This past week I’ve had so many small shift of perception happening. I have started to work with a coach that I’m sure will get me to where […]

A week’s lessons

This week I have spent some time thinking about what the daily situations, actions, and stories might be here to tell me on a deeper level. Or at least what I should get from what happens. For some reason I felt like sharing them. Monday I was tired, and it was the first day back at […]

Forgot the bead

At 8.30 pm on Wednesday evening I saw my jar of beads, and I remembered I had forgotten the bead practice in the morning. I opened the jar, took out the bead, dropped it in the other jar. The symbolism hit me. I had forgotten the bead, and I had forgotten to live with intention. […]

When times are busy

When all lovely things come to fruition, and when all things seem to call for your attention. All at the same time. These are the times we want to be firm about our decisions. These are the times when we want to be clear about what we want. These are the times we want to know […]