My bead for the day was a red, round wooden bead. As I took it out of the jar I held it between my fingers and thought: blood.

I thought about the blood that runs through my veins, how it needs to oxygenate in order to be vital and support my body. And I thought, what do I need today to oxygenate myself, my soul?

One of the take aways from doing this bead practice over the years, is that it gives me a minute to listen to that small tiny whisper that can be heard from deep within. Some days a green bead will spark a picture of the leafy trees, and I know that a walk in the woods is what will save me that day. Other days when I see a red bead it can scream action, a blue can one day mean beach day and the next beg me to sit with my feelings.

So today, you will find me in the garden. I will be planting roses and taking in the geraniums for their winter rest. It will be a day of getting grounded and filling up the reserves.


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