Since working through the book The Artist’s Way I have become on high alert to notice moments of synchronicity in life. Johanna had mentioned the book The Heroine’s Journey to me a few weeks ago, that she had been recommended it and that she was getting a massive amount from it. At the time, much like when several people over the past few years had recommended The Artist’s Way to me, I felt resistance to doing it for some reason. I didn’t think it was relevant to me. 

But The Artist’s Way suddenly was popping up everywhere in my life a few months ago, Johanna was doing it, another good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do it and so unable to ignore the synchronicity and also feeling that perhaps a structure of creativity and play during these unknown challenging times might help me, I jumped into it. I just completed the 12 week Artist’s Way course which actually was extremely beneficial to me and after being lost creatively for the past few years I completed the final week of the course with a clarity of vision for my career that has been missing for the past few years. The discipline of creating new things each week, following prompts from the book, unlocked something in me which has given way to a flood of inspiration and ideas.

But equally when it was over, I was glad to get out of a strict schedule of things to do each week. So when Johanna mentioned another book, The Heroine’s Journey, I immediately said it wasn’t the right moment for me to launch into some other self discovery thing. I needed a time of not delving in and questioning all and sundry.

A week or so ago a dear friend of mine in LA asked if I wanted to join a 12 week group journaling, which honestly I was hesitant to do as my packed schedule didn’t have much room for another commitment but I took the chance and in my first group zoom call this week learned that in fact the 12 week course was adapted from/inspired by the book The Heroine’s Journey. So having had two friends in the space of weeks tell me about this book I decided to buy it and last night immediately read the first 40 pages by the roaring fire. I can tell this book has found me at the right time, as its already giving me latitude to see my life in a more objective way; to better understand the paradigms within which I live in order to have better clarity on where I am going, my next chapter.

I guess what’s interesting me here is that sometimes I really don’t know what I need. I can even be pretty resistant to something but through trying hard to open my eyes more to whats around and whats being given, more than once to me, I am endeavouring to take it, even if at first glance its really not something I feel drawn to. I suppose its like eating vegetables when I was younger.

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