Reflections – stepping out as my real authentic self



I have just completed a 5-day #OwnYourSpotlight challenge with Coach Thais. It’s been nothing short of amazing. I haven’t felt this free in my soul, felt such clarity in my life, and such sense of purpose since… I don’t know, since maybe forever! But reflecting on this past week of doing major work on myself, it dawned on me that these past two years of doing the Bead Movement have been a process of becoming my true authentic self. It’s been about stripping off all those layers of learnt behavior I don’t want to carry, and stripping myself off of other people’s expectations of who I am and who they think I should be.

I realize that since starting the Desire Map process in the beginning of the summer, and since starting to see a coach 1,5 years ago, it has all culminated in this week’s challenge. As of NOW I am stepping out into the spotlight as my true authentic self. No more bullshit of hiding. No more apologizing for my existence or of who I am. I am owning my story, I am in charge of my life. Things will be different. I will say “no” more often. And I will say “Hell Yes” when I really mean to say yes. I don’t have time to bullshit with my time, and neither do you, my dear.

In what ways have you been hiding? And what would be a bold action for you take? Don’t overthink it, make a choice, and take action.

I’m stepping out in my power, and why shouldn’t You?

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