Keep going


This week has been an extreme case of battling so many issues to go into it here would run into reams and reams so suffice to say this past week has seen me challenged on several fronts.

One of the things that has kept me going has been an comment from a fan of the show saying how much Tallulah means to him; that sometimes someone comes into your life who helps you to soar above things like an eagle. It was so poignant and so helpful to read and is what has kept me going this week. Despite setbacks. A friend of mine said that if you have a mission bigger than you then you can keep going, even if you sprain your ankle on the way or are so beaten down by doubt and uncertainty that you really do question your own choices. But having something bigger than you is what is integral to having it in you to carry on.

So thank you for all the incredible kind and thoughtful support I have had from my family and friends this week and from fans who have reminded me why I must carry on with my show and why it is important. Happy to see Estee Lauder had a similar thought on the subject.


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