I had a mishap with a project this week. Me and my collaborator have been working on it for quite some time, super convinced this will be the next hit tv show. But instead of getting a positive response we got a negative one. It took me 30 seconds after reading the email to understand what had happened. We had presented the show the wrong way.

Me and my partner were so convinced we were going to sell it that we had missed to take the proper action. We thought we had come up with a good plan, but we were too focused on the second step, so we took the wrong first step. It is incredibly irritating to find myself making these missteps because I should have known better.

Sometimes we are too focused on the end result we miss to take the right action. 

It was a great reminder, especially for our theme this month; Leading the ship. It definitely highlighted the importance of taking a step back to overlook the situation before making the next bold move, which is exactly what I will do.

Happy overlooking Sunday!

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