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I travelled back home to Österlen (in the Southern part of Sweden) this week to the house where I grew up. My father founded a Rose Nursery here back in the 90’s and since 2001 when he passed away my mother runs it. During three weeks my mother will be away on a rose trip to China, so during this time I will run the business. I’m so glad my job as a writer and script consultant makes these kinds of trips possible. To be able to spend some time here right now is just what I need.

This spring has been great in every way, but sometimes living in the city makes me more stressed out than I really have to be. And right now, I need a little change of pace.

Every time I go back home, just the very sight of the landscape makes me release stress and start to feel a sense of calm. Peace, and a feeling of belonging settles inside of me. I even start to walk in a slighter slower rhythm. When I enter the garden, and spend time here my heart starts to beat more harmoniously. I get a little bit more introvert and core centered. It’s like the outer world disappears and time stands still. It’s like doing yoga and meditation, I get grounded in the here and now.

Today as I write this, it’s Saturday and I’ve been out all day in the nursery. It’s pure therapy to spend time pruning and cutting, planting and cultivating roses. One is simply present in what ever one is doing. Be it how a leaf grows or which plant needs more water. It’s very different from my writing and script consulting. I need them both.

It was not a coincidence, I’m sure, that both Mhairi and I are back home in May. What ever this theme of ‘Home’ we will explore during this month will tell me – I’m looking forward to watch it unfold.

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