Am just back in LA and have spent the last few days clearing out a friends house which has been an enormous task. Having cleared out my grandmothers a few months ago I am now reluctantly becoming somewhat of an expert and have consequently developed a distaste for stuff. Clutter and the like.

Suddenly thought of how much we can pay for something only to have someone buy it a few months later for a fraction of the cost. we basically are borrowing everything, can’t take it with us.

I was in Rome a few years ago and as I entered a crypt where some monks were buried a sign above the doorway read: “What you are we once were and what we are you will become” I thought about that with regards to all this stuff. What’s the point of spending all the money and time shopping when eventually it will be landfill or someone’s headache getting it down narrow stairs? I do believe in the value of beauty and having things at home that inspire and lift you up, austerity and cell like chic is not perhaps the way forward but perhaps restraint needs to come into play. I’m reading a book about the value of words right now and choosing the right words to talk about yourself and with others and maybe we need the same kind of thing with regards to our stuff.

Its interesting seeing people at the sale I had the other day, when things are cheap people just want to keep buying without really questioning if they need or want it. I’ve been the same way in christmas sales wildly thinking I’ll take it all because its a bargain but its only a bargain if you need or really want it. ¬†Having more of everything isn’t always better.At the end of the day its just like pizza, I would rather have a couple choice ingredients than the whole kit and caboodle with some hot pineapple thrown in.

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