Faith III or jumping into the unknown


I’m currently on vacation in Tuscany, Italy. A truly beautiful region with it’s hills and coastline, not to forget the amazing food and wine! The other day my boyfriend took me on a snorkeling date in the Mediterranean. I absolutely love being in the water so one might think its the perfect event, but the odd thing is that I have always been scared of what’s underneath the surface. As I stood on the cliff, I saw my boyfriend jump into the water, and everything within me screamed “Noooo!”.

I saw him dive into the water, disappearing below the surface to God knows what. Catastrophic thoughts on whether I would be able to rescue him or not if things went wrong were spiraling in my mind. But then I thought about our theme FAITH, and the past years of going against fears, and I knew I had to do it. Then I thought that I had already more or less put my life in his hand, and that he at least would be strong enough to save me if I would panic. So I took a deep breath and jumped into the water. I put the gear on, closed my eyes and turned my head down below the surface.

With a racing heartbeat I opened my eyes and a new landscape dawned on me. For every minute I stayed in the water I could feel the fear loosen its grip. I was by no means a great snorkeler that day, but I took the first trembling steps to conquering the unknown. What stayed with me afterwards, except the beauty of the ocean, was the importance to remember the rewarding feeling of taking a leap of faith. Of jumping into the unknown.

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