Don’t sweat the small stuff

Vlog 3 FINAL

I recently began shooting weekly Vlogs for my show Feathers and Toast and this past week my theme was Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff where I talked about having gone for a yoga class which I missed and so instead went for a hike, ended up inadvertently scaling a mountain and having my brother talk me down it from Dublin via whats app. The point being I set out for one thing-yoga- and ended up doing quite a different thing-a hike with my brother helping me down-but regardless of how I got my morning exercise and a chance to chill out I got it. It didn’t matter how.

Ironically I have had to remind myself of this very thing all week as small stuff has cropped up and caused me to sweat to be honest. Even when I was making the thumbnail (like a poster) of the Vlog for youtube my illustration program wasn’t working correctly and at 11pm when I was trying to make it happen as I wanted it do I had to readjust and find another way to get the same result. Made me laugh as I was writing the words don’t sweat the small stuff on my thumbnail as I was sitting there sweating it profusely.

I guess its that thing of realizing something that you really need to hear yourself over and over. This week also we found out our show Feathers and Toast didn’t make the final selection at a festival we really were gunning for. Its OK we will still take the show to our final goal-which is to have the half hour show on TV- its just the festival won’t be the road we take to take us there.

So thats my main aim at the moment to have my eyes on the goal but be open to whatever path may take me up there and open to the fact that sometimes what we think we need isn’t actually the best thing for us and that something better will come along that is more what we really truly need and it might just knock our socks off when it does.

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